The Surface Nerd is dedicated to bringing you the best gaming content out there. Our weekly podcast, called simply The Surface Nerd, brings you the news in an easy to enjoy format.

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Colson Craig  Founder

Born and raised in the South, Colson Craig has been gaming since before he can remember. With little tolerance for RPGs, he prefers shooters and action/adventure games. He loves GTA and Spider-Man like that one kid likes turtles. After recently ascending to the PC Master Race, we have discovered he is bad at Dota 2.

Harrison Bernard – The Funny One

Nicknamed “Harry,” he is as abrasive as he is comedic. He didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, probably. Harry received a Nintendo 64 at the tender age of 4 and hasn’t looked back. The polar opposite of Colson, he LOVES RPGs while despising shooters . Seriously, there aren’t enough RPGs to quench his thirst. If you have any in mind please send them in. He is also above average in Dota 2.

Seth Hutcheson – Some Guy

Avid buttmuncher.


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